Health inspection consultations

Building block training for your management and staff.

Our inspector’s focus is to help teach the correct policies and procedures in abiding by the rules and regulation for food service. 
Teaching the facilities employees the in’s and out’s of health inspections. 

Knowledge and correct practices are the keys to achieving correct food handling procedures and high inspection scores. 

Experience when it matters most

Our inspectors are all experienced in various food facility concepts as well as being continually trained on Health Department rules and regulations. We are focused on ensuring your employees understand the correct food handling methods and implementing missing and or misunderstood training practices and/or programs. Health inspections are not just about the kitchen but about the entire facility. Chefs, cooks, dishwashers, servers, bartenders, and mangers all play a roll in correct food handling.


corrective training

Our reports are centered around a corrective action approach. For an employee to correct his/her behavior they must first know what they are doing wrong, why it is wrong and how to correct it. Reports are broken down into each area of the facility so that follow-up with the corrective action training is easy to pinpoint. Reports are completed and delivered within two days of the visit.

habbit forming training

New studies show that on average it takes 66 days to break a habit. Repeat follow-up and correction is vital to creating a healthy operating facility. Following up with our “surprise visits” helps to encourage correct behaviors at all times. Owners, managers and employees are encouraged to reach out to their consultant with any questions about the training or the DPH rules and regulations at any time.

fall in love with our training


Real Time Training

Hands on employees respond best by seeing the correct procedures. We love show and tell training. Our inspectors take the time to explain and show correct procedures which gives the highest chance of actual implementation.


Reports With Every Detail

Our detailed reports show what rule was broken, how many points it would have taken off an actual inspection and how to correct the problem. These reports are designed for teaching regulations as well as training how to implement the corrective action training.


Follow-Up Inspections

Surprise follow-up inspections encourage employees to follow the correct procedures vs falling back into old habits. The more the employees see and interact with one of our inspectors, the more they learn what a city or county inspector is looking for and the correct response to questions asked.


ServSafe Manager Training

The ServSafe Manager Training is offered 2-3 times a week at our training facility. Did you know upon request from the Health Authority, the person in charge must be able to demonstrate food safety knowledge? Also, each food facility must have at least one ServSafe certified manager on duty at all times.


Food Handler Training

Food Handler Training is essential for all employees. According to the GA Food Code all food handlers must receive food handler training and records of this training must be kept on file. Also what better way to get all the employees on the same page by sending them through the same training program.


Keeping You Up To Date

The FDA Food Code, GA Health Code, Good Practices and Procedures are all constantly changing. We'll help keep you in the know with the updates so your always on top of it.

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